Oct 17, 2010

Vintage Hollywood Glam Style Jewelry

I love vintage Hollywood glamor which is why my dress and my girls dresses all have that hint of hollywood glamor meets rock star going on. So when I went to find jewelry I wanted something that this lady right here would have loved to wear:

I love Ingrid Burgman's style. Classy yet bold. I spent a long time looking for  jewelry that fit that criteria but with all the detail going on in my dress it also had to be simplistic. When I saw this photo on overstock I knew this was what I was looking for:

Two problems though; too much $$ and way too green. So I put an alchemy request out on Etsy for a similar necklace with a clear stone and a thinner chain. I got UBER lucky and Launa from Looking Glass Silver told me she could do it no problem. I was a little worried ordering from another country but SHE DID A FANTASTIC JOB!!!

I was floored by the quality of the necklace. It was exactly what I wanted. Simple yet bold at the same time.

With the necklace bought and my ears not being pierced, the only peice of jewelry left (if I want one, still not sure) is a bracelet. I was thinking about starting a Pandora bracelet from Medawar Jewlers:

If you have never seen a Pandora bracelet, its one where you can pick out different "charms" to put on there. They have all different kinds to signify different events in your life including a nice select of wedding ones.

On their site they have a screen to design your own and here is what I came up with:

I could start out simple with this "wedding ring inside a heart" charm and then I could add new charms for special occasions like anniversaries, etc.

What do you think? Get a bracelet or go with just a necklace?

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