Aug 31, 2011

Trash the Dress - The Aftermath


While our trash the dress session really didn't "trash" my dress, I did want to show you the aftermath. Well maybe aftermath is too strong a word, perhaps a better classification would be clean up. :P

Initially when we thought of doing a trash the dress I knew that getting the dress wet wouldn't cause any damage but the one thing I didn't think about was the sand. The sand in and of itself really didn't do any damage either, it just got stuck EVERYWHERE.

You can see how the sand really clung to the dress while it was wet. And yes some of it came off in the van as it started to dry but there was still a ton left when we got back to the hotel. So Mr. Meerkat helped me get my sand laden dress into our outdoor shower and wash the saltwater and sand out.

As you can see, I brought back my own little beach. Now you would think that would be the end of the sand right? Not by a long shot. I must have shook it out more 10 times and a pile of sand came out each time.Eventually I just gave up and put the dress back in the garment bag, sand and all.

When we got it back to Michigan, Mama-In-Law Meerkat took over. Even after two more hand washings the dress still had sand it in. Eventually she had to open the hem of the dress a tiny bit and dump the sand out. While she did get most of it out, you can still see a little bit in the hem when you hold it up to the light. But none of the sand was even noticeable when I wore it for our second reception. I give my dress credit, it came through like a trooper and looked brand spankin' new. :)

Did you do a trash the dress session? How did your dress come out?

Aug 30, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: Beach Trash The Dress


After our time was up at the beautiful cenote, we headed down to Xcael beach for the second half of our trash the dress session. As soon as we pulled in, Rachel saw this beautiful palm tree and decided to start our beach photos there.

Of course it didn't take long to add in my handsome husband.

I even got to help Mr. Meerkat get a bit more relax and losen his tie.

Next we moved up to the beautiful sand dune down by the waterfront.

And then we got a little goofy.

As the sun was getting ready to set we headed down off the sand dune and onto the beach.

We even got a couple photos with my hand painted parasol. And no, M doesn't stand for Meerkat. ;)

Slowly we began to make our way down to the waters edge.

And then it was go time -we were going to get soaking wet.

At first I was doing really well but then a small wave came and start to pull the train of my dress along with it. Mr. Meerkat had to hold me in place so I didn't fall face first into the water.

After a couple minutes I got use to the pull of the waves and was able to stand somewhat on my own - enough so we could start getting some photos.  

Mr. Meerkat still had to partially hold me up as the waves were still trying to wash my train away.

It was getting really tough to stay standing in the waves so Rachel moved us up to the beach for some shots on the sand.

And with that Mr. Meerkat bundled us up in towels and we headed back to the hotel.

It was an absolutely amazing time. One I can't even begin to express in words. So maybe I should let the video speak for itself:

Rachel, Jonathan, Paul and Sesan - Thank you so much. You kept us laughing the whole time. This is a memory I will always look back on and treasure.

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Aug 29, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: Cenote Trash the Dress


Well hey there Hive! I am so sorry I have been absent around these parts. After our second reception in June things got even busier than before and it left me with little time for all the things I love which unfortunetly included blogging. But things have started to slow down so I am back and determined to start posting regularly again.

When I last left off I was getting ready to tell you about one of the most amazing experiences of our wedding - our trash the dress session!! Ok, so really it was more like a wash the dress session since I only got my dress wet but none the less it was AH-MAZ-ING.

So on a sunny Thursday afternoon Rachel, Paul, Jonathan and Sesan arrived at our hotel with video and photography equipment in hand to take us on a little adventure. Our first stop was a cenote just a few minute down the road from the hotel. Rachel was able to arrange with the property owner to have a quiet hour to ourselves at the cenote for the trash the dress session.

During our short walk down to where the cenote was located, Rachel and Jonathan decied to grabbed some shots among the beautiful tress and mangroves.

As we continued down the path and came around the last bend, we got our first glimpse of the cenote.

I am not even sure I can put into words how beautiful the cenote was. It was so natural. One of those few places in the world that progress has left untouched. I could have stayed there all day. 

While I stood there awestruck by the beauty, Rachel started scoping out the area for great shots. It didn't take her long to move me into position in the water.

Rachel kept having Mr. Meerkat stand in front of me but just out of the camera's line of sight. I think she could see that we were a bit confused so she told us that it was because when I looked at Mr. Meerkat my smile got bigger and my face just lit up. *grin* Yea, Rachel is a quick study, that's for sure. 

Next she had Mr. Meerkat take off his shoes, roll up his pants and join me in the water.

Since we didn't want to get completely soaked before heading to the beach, we moved to take shots on the edge of the cenote.

Then is was time for a solo shot of little old me. I hardly ever like photos of myself but these I LOVE! 

Next we moved up into the roots system that extended down and around the edges of the cenote.

Rachel and Jonathan even grabbed a couple more shots of me solo in the root system.

And then before I knew it, our hour at the cenote was up and it was time to make our way back up the path towards the van.

We did stop for a couple other shots along the way though.

And with a quick goodbye to our four legged friend, we were off to the beach.

Up Next: Our Beach Trash The Dress Photos

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