Aug 31, 2011

Trash the Dress - The Aftermath


While our trash the dress session really didn't "trash" my dress, I did want to show you the aftermath. Well maybe aftermath is too strong a word, perhaps a better classification would be clean up. :P

Initially when we thought of doing a trash the dress I knew that getting the dress wet wouldn't cause any damage but the one thing I didn't think about was the sand. The sand in and of itself really didn't do any damage either, it just got stuck EVERYWHERE.

You can see how the sand really clung to the dress while it was wet. And yes some of it came off in the van as it started to dry but there was still a ton left when we got back to the hotel. So Mr. Meerkat helped me get my sand laden dress into our outdoor shower and wash the saltwater and sand out.

As you can see, I brought back my own little beach. Now you would think that would be the end of the sand right? Not by a long shot. I must have shook it out more 10 times and a pile of sand came out each time.Eventually I just gave up and put the dress back in the garment bag, sand and all.

When we got it back to Michigan, Mama-In-Law Meerkat took over. Even after two more hand washings the dress still had sand it in. Eventually she had to open the hem of the dress a tiny bit and dump the sand out. While she did get most of it out, you can still see a little bit in the hem when you hold it up to the light. But none of the sand was even noticeable when I wore it for our second reception. I give my dress credit, it came through like a trooper and looked brand spankin' new. :)

Did you do a trash the dress session? How did your dress come out?

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