Oct 19, 2010

My B.O.S.S - Bridal Online Support System

Mr. Meerkat and I are the first ones of our friends to get engaged. At first it was really fun being the only one but after a little bit it kind of felt lonely. I mean our family and friends have been great but it just wasn't the same as talking to other brides.

I was happy when I found online bridal communities like Wedding Bee and Offbeat Bride Tribe and was able to talk to other brides. I also got to I meet my B.O.S.S. there:

Meet Jax. She is my Bridal Online Support System or B.O.S.S. as she nicknamed herself. *grin* 

Jax and I actually start talking on Offbeat Bride Tribe and soon discovered we were two peas in the same pod. We were both brides that liked unique and sometimes crazy ideas. It was really great to have someone to talk to who was also planning a wedding but wasn't related to me (because lets face it no matter how great your family is everyone has an opinion about your wedding). Plus every time we came across something that went with the other persons wedding we sent it over. We have listen to each other vent when things frustrated us and helped to calm each other down when things went wrong.

I asked Jax to tell everyone in her own words about being my B.O.S.S.
The great thing the internet has is tons of other brides just like me. If you are lucky you can befriend one who has a job which allows her to talk on gchat as much as she wants, just like me! That's how I found Miss Meerkat. Every time I posted something she'd comment immediately and so I started wondering if she was doing the same thing I was. We exchanged vitals and from that point on I had the perfect sounding board. Someone who didn't really know me but was getting to know me through my ideas of my wedding. I could ask her about her opinion on anything and she would give me her honest opinion. It was very helpful when I was trying to choose between two specific items online and I could send her both links. Miss Meerkat was the tie breaker on many wedding issues and through out our online bridal rendevous we have become great friends or a Bridal Online Support System, as I like to call it. My wedding was made happier and easier because of her and I can't wait for her to have her wedding to Mr. Meerkat. I just wish I could be there. :-)
This past July Jax and her mister got married but that hasn't stopped her from being my support system. I bounce ideas of her about our wedding and she bounces ideas off me about home decor. Because of online bridal communities I got to start a great friendship with an amazing woman. Thank you Jax for being there to listen to me!

Have you formed an amazing friendship because of your wedding?

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