Oct 5, 2010

World of Tech: Photographing Your Ring

If you have bumped into me in the last couple months I probably looked like this to you:

Photo by Mr. Meerkat

Yes I have caught the photography bug BIG TIME!!  And what does any bride do when given a brand new camera?  Takes photos of her ring of course.

I read a post on WeddingBee Pro a long time ago about how to take good photos of your ring.  While I learned a ton from that article there still seemed to be something missing in my photos.  It just didn't have that artist flair I wanted.

One of the first things I learned I was doing wrong was putting the ring in the dead center of EVERY photo.  When taking a photo you should try and follow whats called the rule of third.

Basically it says that a persons focus will be drawn to the locations where the lines slice the photo into thirds.  So now when I take a picture I always make sure to keep the ring in one of those spots:

While the rule of thirds is great most of the time.  Sometimes its great to break it too!

The other thing I learned about were lines in the background. Cool textures or colors are great but look for lines that you can lead someones eye towards your ring.  A persons eye will follow any lines in the photo:

See how the "line" of the wood leads your eye towards the ring?  Makes for some very powerful pictures.  A line can be just about anything too.  Look at the edge of the sunglasses:

Hopefully this will help some of you who were having the same issues I was!  Have fun and lets see those ring photos!!

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