Oct 20, 2010

For the Girls!

Yea ok so I ripped off a famous movie quote but I was stuck for a title. *grin*

I am having a real hard time coming up with awesome gifts for my girls. Traditionally you usually give jewelry to wear at the wedding so I thought about getting them this necklace:

But Sister-In-Law Meerkat is probably going to be wearing her dress in the halter style so scratch that. 

Then during one of my many random searches on Etsy, I stumbled upon these amazing leather travel makeup cases at Waterstone and thought how much my girls would love to have these since they both travel so much:

I had one made with a pink lining for Sister-In-Law Meerkat and one with a yellow lining for bridesmaid K.

But now I am stuck on what else to give them. I would like to add a couple items into the case but I have no idea what! I thought about getting them each a personalized compact but is this something they would really use? 

Or how about a nice set of travel makeup brushes?

Jax suggest a Clinique gift card but they only have online gift cards:

I am completely lost on what to get them that would be useful and fun for them to have. If it was you, what would you like to receive? 

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