Oct 26, 2010

Pre-Wedding Packages For Our Guests

Since we sent out our invitations WAY early I thought it might be nice to mail a little package to our guests with information about the trip and some fun items to help get them excited about Mexico. Here is what our guests will see arriving in their mailbox in a couple days:

So whats all in the box you ask?  Here is the breakdown:

In each organza bag I put candy (pinata mix, mazapan, oblea de cajeta) and a magnet (sorry the picture made it look grainy, it isn't in real life):

I used the post offices flat rate small box and placed shredded brown paper filler in it. Then I set the organza bag, the rest of the candy, a pair of mini maracas and a brochure of information into the box:

Now all I need to do is print up a cute little mailing label that says we are excited you are joining us in Mexico.

And just so you know Bravo did his best to try and negotiate for a box of his own. He kept bringing me his stuffed yellow puppy toy in exchange for some candy. He would drop the puppy in my lap and then head over to a box. It was pretty adorable.

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