Oct 14, 2010

Engagement Photos - Round 2 - The Fun Ones

Mr. Meerkat is never excited to have his picture taken. Ever. But when it involves an orchard that he loves with his sister taking the photos we were able to get him out there without too much of a complaint. (Plus he knew he was getting cider and doughnuts afterwards.)

Our goal with these pictures were to get the fun photos that we didn't get with the formal engagement shoot we did before. We are in no way a lovey-dovey, hang all over each other couple. We are more of the chase each other and see who can tackle who first kind of couple.

We found one of the original trucks the orchard had used which fit right into my love of antique trucks and cars:

And there was a cornfield we decided to play in:

And remember the sweatshirts we found after Mr. Meerkat proposed on Mackinaw Island? I told Sister-In-Law Meerkat I wanted to have a photo of us wearing them:

Then she came up with the idea of doing a ring shot with the logo from the front of the hoodie:

And my ABSOLUTE favorite photo from the day is one that any geek would want. A photo with our kindles:

I am so happy we were able to do two engagement photo sessions. I got some serious/romantic photos and some that were a bit more us.

Was anyone else torn between romantics photos and fun engagement photos?

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