Oct 7, 2010

Confessions of a Tomboy – Learning to Apply Makeup

So guess who taught me to apply makeup?...  YouTube!


Ok so I am sure YouTube is not the place every bride looks to learn to apply makeup but I can't tell you how helpful watching a video is when you're learning. I learned so much more about technique from the videos than I could when I was at my makeup trials.

My biggest obstacle to learning how to apply makeup was the foundation. When the nice lady at the clinic counter painted the foundation on my face with a brush did it ever look good! I tried doing the same thing at home but all I got was cakey, thick looking makeup. So far from natural it wasn't even funny. So I Googled how to apply foundation with a brush and found this video:

What did I learn from this video:
1.) Don't use a foundation brush, find something more like a blush brush with stiff bristles and a rounded end.
2.) Make sure the brush is moist!
3.) Don't use too much and blend, blend, blend!!

With foundation down it was onto applying blush, eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick while still keeping it natural looking. And I found this video:

What I learned from this video:
1.) Light, peach-ish colored blush (NOT RED) and use SPARINGLY!
2.) Eye liner on the bottom looks best when you stop about 1/2 way over.
3.) Highlighting areas of your face using the base eye shadow gives it a nice couture.
4.) I want the MAC gloss that goes over your lipstick!

And well there you have it ladies. Two YouTube video later I have a good grasp on learning to apply makeup. I bet you want to see the finished product all put together huh?

I still have a lot to learn so I am opening this up to all you awesome ladies! Any thing you can see that I should have done differently or that might have made me look less washed out?

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