Oct 28, 2010

First Dance - Revisited

Remember my super cool idea for a first dance to the song conquest? Well that is probably not going to happen now (at least not for Mexico but maybe for the at home reception?).

Last week I told Mr. Meerkat it was time to book our dance lessons and he gave me his best 'I am going to man up and do this for you' smile. Mr. Meerkat is one of those guys that wears his heart on his sleeve so he is terrible at hiding his feelings. Seriously he looked pathetic! He finally confessed and said he is scared to try this cause he is not a good dancer but was going to do his best because I was so excited. This right here ladies is why I love him. He would bend over backwards to try and make me happy.

Since this is OUR first dance I thought it was only fair that we both have something we enjoy but I am still not totally on board with a traditional style dance. I think my biggest fear with a slow first dance is after 10 seconds I will be bored and wishing the song would end. I don't want to feel like that about our first dance.

Also whenever I attend a wedding I watch the first dance for a couple seconds then go back to talking. I know that probably makes me the worst wedding guest in the world but its the truth. I want our guests to feel engaged. Watch any wedding video and you will see the fun/fast first dance gets guests cheering and clapping along. Thats what I want. Fun, engaged guests not bored ones wishing we would hurry up and get this dance over so the fun stuff can begin.

We have started the song selection process again to see if we can find something we both agree on. Here are a couple songs that I sugguested that Mr. Meerkat nixed right away.

Treasure - Flyleaf
I loved this song but Mr. Meerkat said it sounded too sad even if it was a happy song about her engagement.

Your Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
I think this was a bit too ballad like for Mr. Meerkat. He is definitely more the Alice in Chains kind of guy.

All Around Me (Acoustic) - Flyleaf
The whole acoustic thing killed this song for Mr. Meerkat. I *heart* anything acoustic but not him.

Mr. Meerkat picked out a couple he liked:

Sunshine - All American-Rejects
I LOVE the way this song sounds but the lyrics are a bit depressing.

All or Nothing - Theory of a Deadman
Don't get me wrong, I love every word of this song but I guess it just seems a little... dull. I am definitely more of a showy person than Mr. Meerkat.

Then I suggested Love You Madly - Cake
I liked this because it still had a bit of a beat but I am guessing we could do much simpler dance moves to this song so that Mr. Meerkat would feel more comfortable. Not sure he was really into this song either though.

So right now we are just kind of sitting in limbo trying to figure out what to do. I am seriously freaking out about it because if we want to start dance lessons we need to pick the song by next week. Yikes! Mrs. Cola gave me a good piece of advice and said to take a few songs in and let the dance instructor tell us what she thought would be easy for Mr. Meerkat to learn. This is what I am leaning towards doing right now.

Sorry to end this post on a debbie-downer note but I am feeling a little lost on what do to. Any advice hive?

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