Oct 27, 2010

Hand Painted Favors

Remember a couple weeks ago when I showed you the vintage airmail favor boxes and place cards I made:

Everyone kept asking me so is there something in them? Yes there will be and that something arrived in the mail this past weekend!! 

The idea is to give each guest an ornament favor with a little of the sand from the beach we are getting married on. This way our guests have a great souvenir of our wedding and their trip that they get to hang on their Christmas tree year after year. Plus with our wedding being just a few days before Christmas it just seemed like the right favor to give everyone.

We had St Clair Creations on Etsy do the hard part and hand paint a beach scene on the back. And I "borrowed" the idea from our very own Mrs. Corn to fill them with a little sand from the beach we are getting married on. I filled the above photo with some sand from home but with the sand from the beach they will look more like Mrs. Corn's ornaments:

The only thing I am not 100% sure about is if I should remove the text on the front. I was the bozo who told St Clair Creations to put the name on the front. I had no idea the picture would be so beautiful I wouldn't want to cover it up! If I remove the text on the front I would order a custom printed ribbon with our names and date to use as the hanger.

So what do you think; leave them as is or remove the text and order a custom printed ribbon?

- Leave the ornaments as is.
- Remove the text and order custom printed ribbon with our names/date.
- I have a better idea!! (Comment below)

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