Oct 13, 2010

Engagement Photos - Round 1 - Romantic/Serious

Originally I wanted to get our photos done in Chicago but 12 hours in a car with two spoiled shih-tzus (which would probably cause a grumpy Mr. Meerkat) didn't seem like that great an idea. Mr. Meerkat wanted to have our photos done at an orchard that he spent a lot of his time at during his childhood. So as usual we came to a compromise. I would ask Sister-In-Law Meerkat to shoot an e-pics session at the orchard as long Mr. Meerkat agreed to do a second photo shoot in downtown Kalamazoo and at Easley Mill. We didn't want to inconvenience Sister-In-Law Meerkat for two sessions (even though she is a sweetheart and would have done it) so we hired Stephanie Karen Photography to do the ones in Kalamazoo.

I LOVE our pictures. This tomboy is far from supermodel pretty so Stephanie really had her work cut out for her but she did a great job. I am so glad now we did these. It really helped us to get some practice being comfortable in front of the camera.

As a side note for anyone currently getting ready to book a photographer; look closely at what your contract says about posting your pictures on social media (blogs, facebook, etc). Our contract stated that we needed to have the photographers permission, the photos needed to be watermarked and we needed to link back to her website. After I was accepted to be Miss Meerkat I contacted Stephanie to let her know that I would like to post our engagement photos on Wedding Bee. She sent me over a few of her favorites watermarked and I emailed back asking to have a couple other which she sent over. While everything worked out for us, I would have been REALLY bummed if we had been denied permission to post these.

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