Oct 10, 2010

100 Dresses Later I Found The One!

Preface: Let me start by saying it took MONTHS to find my dress.  I ended up trying on over 100 wedding dresses in 5 different cities in 8 different dress shops.  I am not a picky person when it comes to clothes (a faded t-shirt and a pair of jeans are my norm) but I had a very hard time finding a dress that was "me".

Our dress shopping adventure to Becker's Bridal started out just like all the other prior trips. Our moms and my bridesmaids were excited and happily talking while I was flipping through the little pamphlet of dress examples I had made; adding extra notes about each dress.  (Yea you can start to feel sorry for the poor sales lady. I really did go in with a fully annotated pamphlet of dresses to give her.)

When we arrived I gave poor Laura, our sales person, the pamphlet.  She looked it over, told me to give her just a few minutes and she would be back.  She made three different trips and brought out about 12 dresses. To my surprise I liked not just one but three of them!  Until this shopping trip I had not found a single dress that I even kind of liked. Enough of my blabbering on because I know your dying to see the pictures. *grin*

Dress #1:  Allure 8465

My first impression was 'I can't believe it looks like the photo on the website!' A lot of the dresses I tried on looked nothing like pictures from their website.  The dress was made of gorgeous material but it was just too heavy.  And once a couple layers of sand got bunched under the train it would only get heavier.  

Dress #2: Maggie Sottero - Suzanne

Minus the fact that it was three sizes too big I just loved the way it looked.  The material shimmered and it was so soft! The coloring was much darker than the website showed it to be and that is really the only thing that kept me from getting the dress.

Dress #3 (MY DRESS!!):  Sotter & Midgley - RSM1036

Once again the dress was about three sizes too big but even with the extra length I was still rockin' it! The dress, despite the extra material, was light weight and easy to move around in. When I saw myself in the mirror I started jumping up and down like a little kid.  I just knew it was the one.  And let me tell you that I was not the only one excited.  Look at Mama-In-Law Meerkat in the top left corner of this photo:

Yes ladies she really was dancing around she was so excited.  When I put it on everyone knew that was my dress.  So I have to ask, how many dresses did you try on before you found THE ONE?  Did you hit the triple digits too?

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