Aug 24, 2010

To Veil or Not to Veil?

The great veil debate has finally ended in the Meerkat household.  The debate only lasted six months.  It seems like a long time to decide on something so simple but when tradition is involved things get a bit more complicated.

Back when we first got engaged Mama-In-Law Meerkat offered to let me wear the veil that had belonged to both her and her mother. Including myself, that would make three generations of the Meerkat family who would have worn it.  I was pretty well set on wearing it until I started thinking about hairstyles.  I knew right away the kind of style I wanted:

But I hate the way veils poof out when they are placed at the crown of your head so I wanted it coming out from underneath my hair:

Kari, who is not only our friend but also our hair stylist, told me that with the hair style I chose the veil would look like it was being pooped out the back of my head (that is a direct quote).  So I had to either wear it on top or not at all.  *sigh* I hate making decisions like this.  

In the end my love of the hairstyle won out over my love for the veil.  So Kari suggested I look into something like a flower or hair comb instead.  Off I went to search our old friend Etsy.

At first I thought about doing a hair comb like these:

While I like the hair combs I am not in LOVE with the hair combs.  And my type-A personality has to LOVE all the stuff we pick for the wedding.  So I started looking at fake flowers:

I love the idea of the flower but they look...well, fake.  What I wanted was something small, light weight and realistic looking but not alive (so I don't have to worry about it wilting in the heat).

Then I saw these amazing little clay flowers by Anna Panik Clay Flower Designs:

And I was in LOVE!  This set of three was only $15 and are super light weight.  They should look just beautiful against my dark hair.  So while I am sorry I won't get to wear Mama-In-Law Meerkat's veil, I am equally as happy to have these little flowers.

Did you go through the great veil debate?  How did you decide?

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