Aug 9, 2010

World of Tech: Organizing Inspiration (Free Tools)

A little while ago I posted about keeping up with your favorite wedding blogs using an rss reader. This is great for just reading but what happens after you read a few hundred entries and you want to go back and find a specific picture of something?  What about accessing all your planning stuff at someone else’s house? Don’t worry this tech-savvy bride has the tools to help you.

I use a couple different tools to keep all my inspiration and documents accessible anytime from anywhere:
**NOTE: You will need to sign up for a free Google account but the account is used for ALL Google products such as Google reader, and all of the tools we are talking about on this blog. Yes, I heart Google!

Picasa – Photo Storage
Picasa is a web based photo storage system. If I had to compare it to something tangible I would say envision a file cabinet where you have different folders in which to store pictures. Just like a file cabinet I use Picasa to store all my inspiration photos. I created different albums/folders for things like ceremony, reception d├ęcor, attire, candy buffet, etc. and then upload all the inspiration photos I saved from blogs to the appropriate album. Not only is it easy for me to find a photo now. I can send a link to anyone I want of any photo or to any album.

Google Chrome – Sync Your Bookmarks
Google Chrome is a browser like Internet Explorer on steroids (I LOVE Chrome). One of the things I love about Chrome is the ability to keep your bookmarks in sync on any computer that has the chrome browser on it. What I like about this is I can bookmark a page at work and then access it from any computer that I have chrome running on such as my home computer. It uses your Google account to store your bookmarks so you sign in once when you set it up and then it syncs automatically every time you add or remove a bookmark from any computer that is using the Chrome bookmark syncing. For those of you who would rather not use the Chrome browser a plug in called Xmarks can be added to any browser. The syncing is not as seamless but works on the same principal.
Coming up next in our technology series of posts is how to store all this information so that you can easily access it from anywhere.

Now that you know all my favorite techy tools for organizing your inspiration, what tools are you using?

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