Aug 21, 2010

Dressing My Mister

Mr. Meerkat has a very short list of must have items for the wedding. One of things on his list was a really nice suit. What he was thinking was something like this:

As usual I had other ideas in mind.  I was thinking something more along the lines of this:

Since Mr. Meerkat has asked for so few things for the wedding we decided to use the light weight linen suits.  This would seem like a pretty standard thing to find in a store right? Nope. After trying 5 different major department stores we ended up at mens warehouse who oddly enough only had one option and it was well over $300. It wasn't even the finest quality linen either!

So we headed home and I crawled back to my old friend, Google. After a couple hours of searching I stumbled on a thread of destination brides talking about how much trouble they also had finding linen suits and how they ordered custom made suits online from After reading through nearly 30 pages of positive reviews with brides raving about how great Studio Suits was, we decided to give it a shot.

Studio Suits had two different options for tan colored linen suits; a standard quality linen for $99 or a high quality Irish linen for $175. To help us decide we ordered a material swatch card for $15 (including shipping). When it arrived we were pretty impressed with the quality of both types of material.  The Irish linen had a little bit of a tighter weave to it and Mr. Meerkat decided that was the one he liked best (but we have given the groomsmen the option to choose either one).

These are custom suits so we had to enter 13 different measurements. (Don't worry it was really easy. They have pictures to show how to measure it.) I measured Mr. Meerkat and we placed our order.  I spent the next three weeks worrying that I had measured wrong or the quality would be poor.

Well his suit arrived and WOW! The quality was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!  Plus it fit him perfectly. We don't need to have a single thing altered.

So ok maybe Mr. Meerkat was right about the suit but I still wanted to do something a little more offbeat. The thing I loved the most about my original inspiration picture was the groom in his vest and the groomsmen in just suspenders. So when I was ordering Mr. Meerkats suit I might have "accidently" slipped a matching vest into the order:

Minus the fact that Mr. Meerkat looks like he is going out for a night at chip and dales in this picture, I love the vest.  It just gives it that little extra when he takes his jacket off which you know is going to happen as soon as he gets to the reception.

To finished off my original inspiration I found some basic brown suspenders for $7 on Amazon for the groomsmen to wear:

Oh but wait we are not done.  Mr Meerkat was not thrilled with the idea of boutineers so we have ditched them in favor of pocket squares and matching ties:

Each of the groomsmen will be getting a deep pink set to match the bridesmaids dresses and Mr. Meerkat will be getting this orange set that matches my shoes.

And the piece de resistance.  Remember how I told you I was going to order a bouquet frame with a picture of my dad from Texas Girl Designs on Etsy?  Well it arrived and Mr. Meerkat fell in love with it:

So we are having one made of his grandmother who passed away.  He will be wearing this in place of the boutineer.  The only thing we are missing now is a set of shoes for Mr. Meerkat and then his outfit is set!

Has anyone else used Studio Suits? What was your experience?

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