Aug 25, 2010

Creating a Ceremony Space

I am so excited to have our ceremony on Al Cielo's beach.  It is basically a blank canvas to define any type of ceremony space we want.   I spent over five months researching different styles of decor for the beach but the inspiration I found online was the same things over and over; chuppah, chairs with colored sashes and a raffia aisle.  That is until I saw this:

And I knew this was it.  This was how I wanted our ceremony to look (except with flowers in orange, pink and white).

Mr. Meerkat also put in his two cents. He said that while he liked it the place we were going to stand needed to have something that separated it from the rest of the area. He suggested... a Chuppah.  *sigh*

I totally agreed with him we needed something to define the space but the last thing I wanted was a Chuppah to block the beautiful view.  We put our heads together and came up with the idea of tall pillars.

Or maybe even something more simplistic with large wooden rods:

While we are leaning towards the last picture, we have not made the final decision.  We have a few weeks until we need to finalize everything but the deadline is coming up quick!

How did you make the final decisions for your ceremony decor?  Did you go with any untraditional items (like large wooden rods)?

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