Aug 6, 2010

Three things that make a diet bearable

For me a diet was an essential part of my wedding planning. It’s not about looking like an anorexic model it’s about feeling good about my body again. During the senior year of my bachelors degree I gained about 15 pounds. For most people that isn’t a lot but for me that is over a 10% weight gain. It has made me feel blah.

In order to lose these 15 pounds I am hauling around I have to reduce my calorie intake to about 1200 per day. At home Mr. Meerkat makes sure all our meals are lean and low cal but lunches with my coworkers…. Well that’s a different story. Can you say KFC, Taco Bell and Wendy’s??

So over the last couple weeks I have radically changed my eating habits. No more lunches out with the guys. No more amazing grease laden fast food. Instead I have changed everything I eat from the time I get up to the time I get home for dinner. There are three things that are making this diet work for me:

Fresh fruit (breakfast and snack)
Every week I purchase a honey dew melon, a container of strawberries and a couple pounds of grapes which I cut up and place into 3 cup plastic containers. I take one a day to work and eat half for breakfast and the other half for a mid-afternoon snack. The whole container is only about 150 calories.

Michellena lean gourmet frozen meal (lunch)
These frozen meals are delicious and talk about variety! I am in love with the Sante Fe Style beans and rice. Each meal is around 300 calories and I buy them for a little over $1 each. Yep you read that right, lunch for a dollar. Now what dieting bride on a budget doesn’t love a cheap, low calorie meal?

Hot tea (all day long)
I loved hot tea before I decided to change my diet. The difference now is I don’t use sugar in it. I calculated that 1/3 of my allotted calories per day was from the sugar in my tea. By ditching the sugar I now have a 0 calorie drink. And if by chance a case of the munchies strike I go get a cup of tea instead.

It’s only been a couple week so I don’t have any dramatic results to show you… YET! If I did my math right (which I always do) by the end of the fall I should have dropped an entire dress size. I promise many pictures of my progress.

Anyone else have any tips for great diet food?

Photo Credits:  Fresh Fruit --- Tea Cups --- Michelina's Lean Gourmet Meal

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