Aug 13, 2010

Just for Kicks

I am usually not one of those people who are interested in shoes.  Of the three pairs of shoes I own, two of them are flip flops.  I am all about the comfort.  Since getting engaged I have paid more attention to shoes than I ever have in the past.  Specifically the colored shoe trend:

I just love the way that little hint of color pops out from under the dress.  I knew almost instantly after seeing this that I must have orange peep toed shoes.  The problem; trying to find them with about a  ½” heel.  I spent weeks searching online and in store only to come up with shoes that were WAY too tall or that were the wrong color.

Then I stumbled across some custom painted shoes by PureMystyc on Etsy.  A picture is worth a thousand words so ladies get ready to drool:

I messaged Melissa, owner of PureMystyc, to ask what my chances were of getting an orange pair just like the red ones she had on her site.  I was thrilled when I got the response that she can take almost any shoe and paint it the color you want.  The purples ones above were actually white before they were painted!  So not only can I get the exact shoes I want, I even get to try them on first before I ship them off to be painted.

As soon as I saw the red shoes above I was in love with the style.  I found them on and ordered a pair for $25.  As soon as they arrive and I am sure they fit, off they go to Melissa to be painted orange.  Of course she will be doing a custom design on them but I am keeping that a secret until they are finished! *grin*

Anyone else getting custom designed shoes?

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