Aug 26, 2010

Our Invitations: Where Fun Meets Chic

All of our invitations have now reached their destinations so it's time to reveal them to the blogosphere!

So much went into the these its hard to know where to being.  Our inspiration for invitations from the beginning was passport style invitations and boarding pass invitations but we were not completely in love with either one.  What we wanted was the chic feel of a pocketfold invitation with the fun style of the boarding pass invitation.  Like this:

Whoa, wait.... a pocket fold invitation AND a boarding pass invitation all in one?  SOLD!  That single picture was the beginning of two long months and one of the biggest DIY projects we have ever done.

A fully detailed how-to post coming soon, cross my heart, but until then here are the results.  First the envelope:

When our guests removed the invitation from the envelope they saw:

And when they opened the pocketfold:

Gotcha!  Didn't think I was going to make it this easy did you?  I know, I know.  I am a mean little Meerkat to tease you like this but I don't want to give away the final reveal until the how-to post. *grin*

How long did it take you to make your invitations?  Did you run into any unexpected bumps in the road?

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