Aug 16, 2010

First Dance

Lets face it, Mr. Meerkat and I are about as opposite as you can get.  He is traditional and I am so very not.  So when it came to picking out our first dance we had VERY different ideas. I wanted to go for a more flashy, choreographed first dance and he wanted the traditional sway like high schoolers first dance.

I really want to dance to Conquest by the White Stripes:

Can you imagine twirling around salsa or tango style to this song?  *wistful sigh*  I can totally see it along with the surprised expressions on everyone faces!

Mr. Meerkat had something in mind more along the lines of At Last by Etta James:

Needless to say we were not seeing eye to eye on things.  I was pretty sure we would be debating this right up to the last minute but then I had one of my amazing and possibly crazy idea.  Want to hear it?

What if we have the "sway like high schoolers" dance to the first part of At Last then we do some kind of cut over to Conquest with a choreographed dance?  That way we get the more romantic first dance that Mr. Meerkat wants and I get the more "holy wow I can't believe they did that" first dance.  To my surprise Mr. Meerkat was 100% on board with this idea.

By the way, we were not the first couple to think of this either.  Look at this video I found on YouTube:

Did you have a hard time choosing your first dance?  Did you and your fiancé disagree like Mr. Meerkat and I did?

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