Aug 20, 2010

My Girls (Part 1) - Dress Shopping

We are less than four months from our wedding and my girls still don't have bridesmaids dresses!!  Yes this is completely my fault.  I have been dragging my feet. Why? Because I am in love with a color. Yes you read that right, a color. Amareth to be specific.

I want all my girls to be in this color pink.  A short, satin-like VERY VERY pink dress that has just a hint of a glamour to it.  Now finding the style of dress we wanted was easy.  Mr. Meerkat's sister found it close to three months ago on our second shopping trip :

Alfred Angelo - 7047

The problem came when we looked at the color pallete. The closest color to Amareth this dress comes in is Fushia.

We all agreed that the color was pretty darn purple, not even close to pink.

So we came up with a new strategy. We found the designers with the right color and narrowed down our selection from there.  We came up with three designers that fit the bill; mori lee, after six/dessy and forever yours.  Unfortunately none of them had a dress we all liked the way we liked the Alfred Angelo dress.

All of this happened close to three months ago now.  We were all so frustrated with how hard it has been to find a dress that we gave up.  This has put us under a tight time line but don't worry Google has come through for us again!  Just a couple days ago on a random search through Google images for hot pink dresses I came across this picture:

It is a sewing pattern (B5492) from Buterick for a 8 in 1 dress.  IT IS PERFECT!  Each of my girls can choose the style they want while I get the color I want.  And thanks to Mama-In-Law Meerkat we even found an amazing seamstress to make the dresses!  

Is anyone else having dresses made for their bridesmaids?

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