Aug 18, 2010

A Daddy’s Girl Without a Dad

Growing up I have always been daddy’s girl. From the day I was born I was basically glued to his side. He was not only my dad, he was also one of my best friends. He understood my geek ways like nobody else cause he was just like me.

Me and My Dad

So the day I called to tell Mama Meerkat that Mr. Meerkat had proposed, the call quickly went from elation to sadness when Mama Meerkat realized she would have to be the one to walk me down the aisle. You see, my dad passed away from cancer just a few months after Mr. Meerkat and I started dating.

Since that day I have been on a mission to find a good way to pay tribute to the best dad a girl could ask for. During my research, I don’t even remember where now, someone posted this poem by Kelly McLean:

Dear Lord please clear a spot for him
he should have the perfect view.
His little girl's a Bride today,
and I am counting on you.
Let me feel his presence;
as I journey down the aisle.
But let me notice his absence;
if only for a while.
Let me stop to think of him;
As I am given away.
And know that if he could;
he would be here with me today.
Dear Lord please clear a spot for him;
he should have the perfect view.
And if he should get sad today;
Dear Lord I count on you.

While I love this poem I am at odds as to what to do with it. I know for sure I don’t want it read out loud cause I will bawl like a baby. I thought about putting it in the program but then everyone else would be bawling like a baby. (It has been four years and everyone still misses Father Meerkat terribly.) So what is a daddy’s girl to do?

In the end we probably won’t even use this poem. I will keep it as something special just for me. Instead we will have a picture of Father Meerkat along with his favorite flower on a memorial table at the ceremony and I will add a photo charm of him on my bouquet.

Then for the reception we will put out his photo with a sign like the picture below asking people to take something (probably one of his favorite candies) in honor of Father Meerkat.

Are any of you doing something special to honor a family member who has passed away? How are you keeping it from being sad?

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