Mar 31, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: A Gift For Mr. Meerkat


As our guests arrived at Al Cielo for the ceremony, they were greated with a fresh towel.

And a cool drink, fresh lemonade with mint. Which was fantastic I might add.

Since the second van full of us girls was about 10 minutes behind everyone else, there was some time for them to relax for a few minutes, enjoy their drinks and take the beautiful area in.

Our officiant, Roberto, took the opportunity to make a few last minute notes into our ceremony.

Back in the hotel room, I gave Sister-In-Law Meerkat explicit instructions to make sure Mr. Meerkat received the present I got him before the ceremony. So as soon as Sister-In-Law Meerkat stepped out of the van, she headed straight to Mr. Meerkat with the gift. 

Of course, first he had to opened my "I am not a romantic type girl but I want you to know I love you" card.

Then Mr. Meerkat went straight for the box. I think he knew what it was before he opened it because he had been wanting one so badly.

Yes I got him the pocket watch that opens on the front and back that he had been drooling over at the jewelry store.

Mr. Meerkat's cousin, Ked, even recorded the whole thing on video.

I think my favorite part of the video is what Mr. Meerkat keeps repeating:
I saw [the pocket watch] in the jewelry store and [Mrs. Meerkat] kept telling me it was ridiculous and I couldn't get it.
Well, yea I had to! Otherwise he would have bought it right then to go with his suit. I had been planning to buy him a pocket watch the whole time and there was no way I was going to let him ruin my surprise by buying it himself.

After Ked got done videoing, everyone ventured over to get a peak at Mr. Meerkat's new watch.

I love how focused he is on making sure the time was set correctly. :P

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