Apr 3, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: A Beach Processional


It was almost time for the ceremony to start. Mama Meerkat and I remained hidden while our guests finished their drinks and Sol and Jonathan grabbed a few pictures of the ceremony area.


They even snapped a couple photos of the ceremony programs and reserved seating signs I made.

When Sol and Jonathan were done, our officiant, Roberto, took his place.

While Yazmin and Marcella, our coordinators, ushered our guests to their seats.

Mama-In-Law Meerkat was just adorable standing there playing with the handkerchief we had made for her. We got a handkerchief signed from each of us to our moms. They read "To dry your tears the way you have always dried mine.".

Once everyone was seated, it was time for Yazmin to line up our wedding party.

Mama Meerkat and I then left our uber secret hiding spot (aka around the corner) to come line up. I know Mr. Meerkat had a hard time not turning around to look.

I always thought that in that moment I would be nervous but I wasn't. I was simply happy.

And then before I even knew what was happening, I heard our guitarist, Enrique, begin the first few notes of our processional song - Chasing Cars.

Here is what I heard:

Best Man Meerkat began our processional.

Followed by Father-In-Law Meerkat, who, if you have not noticed yet, was also Mr. Meerkat's groomsmen. We are very close to our families and wanted each of the important people in our lives to be a part of our ceremony.

And then came my handsome groom and his mom. I am pretty sure this was the point where she was telling him her shoe was coming off in the sand. To which he replied, "kick it off and keep walking". I laughed so hard about this the next day when I found out.

Then it was time for my girls. First Sister-In-Law Meerkat.

Followed by Bridesmaid K.

And then with a little help from Yazmin, I took my first steps down the aisle.

I remember stepping down off the final step and being able to see Mr. Meerkat for the first time. I got this little rush of excitement.

I took a quick glance at Mama Meerkat who at the same time was sneaking a quick glance at me.

Then it was like something out of a movie. Everything around us melted away and all I remember seeing was Mr. Meerkat. Waiting for me with that big smile on his face.

And I heard the words to Chasing Cars in my head as Enrique played them.
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

When we got to the end of aisle, Mama Meerkat gave me a huge hug.

And I took my place next to Mr. Meerkat.

Up Next: Our Love Story Ceremony

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