Mar 23, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: The Old, New, Borrowed, Blue I Didn't Plan


Before we get too far along with the recaps I want to tell ya'all a little story.

Back when we first started planning the wedding, Bridesmaid K asked if she could make me something special to wear. She wanted to make me an ankle bracelet that contained my something old, new, borrowed, blue on it. I have a serious thing for ankle bracelets so it was the perfect idea. Well time passed and as the wedding drew closer I got so busy I forgot. When I did remember the night before we left for Mexico, it was one of those too little, too late moments. So I basically said screw it and went along my merry way.

What I didn't know is that some of my loving family members had already been working to make my "somethings" come to life. Between Bridesmaid K, Sister Meerkat, Nonni Meerkat and Mama-In-Law Meerkat, they came up with some amazing ideas which they decided to surprise me with the day before our wedding.

My something new came from Sister Meerkat. I have one necklace I wear all the time. A gold cross that she gave me when I was 13. I hardly ever take it off. It means that much to me. Well she figured it was time to update my look a bit with the addition of a new gold charm for my necklace. She got me this:

Not sure why it looks pink-ish, it is gold in person.

Since I already had my jewelry for the wedding, Mr. Meerkat took the heart charm and sewed it onto my handkerchief so that I could carry it with me down the aisle.

Bridesmaid K was responsible for my something borrowed. She still wanted me to have my beloved ankle bracelet so she let me borrow a shell one that she often wears. I don't have a great photo of it but you can see it peaking out from under my dress in this photo. By the way, I loved wearing it!

Mama-In-Law Meerkat and Nonni Meerkat worked together to give me something old and blue. 

Remember when I was telling you about my great veil debate? How I wasn't really into veils but that Mama-In-Law Meerkat had offered to let me wear her veil which had been passed down by her mother? Well if not, the condensed version goes like this - after months of agonizing debate, I decided to not wear a veil but carry a part of Mama-In-Law Meerkat's veil with me. 

So Mama-In-Law Meerkat and Nonni Meerkat, Mr. Meerkat's paternal grandmother, took the idea and ran with it. Nonni Meerkat took the garter she wore at her wedding and sewed a piece of Mama-In-Law Meerkat's veil to it.

See the lace on the bottom half? Nonni replaced the original lace with some from the edge of Mama-In-Law Meerkat's veil. I loved having this with me when I walked down the aisle. It is a piece of history from both side of Mr. Meerkat's family and that means so much to me.

And last but not least there was one item I did remember to buy - a sixpence for my shoe. After Huskey's post I went to ebay and found one made in the year my parents were married. I carried it in my mini suitcase "purse" the entire day.

And that my friends is how my something old, new, borrowed and blue came into being.

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