Mar 3, 2011

Coffee.... As Decor?

In case you don't know, I am a hot tea fiend. As in I drink 4-5 cups a day. Well the way I jones for a cup of tea is the same way Mr. Meerkat feels about his coffee. We get up in the morning, we make a cup of coffee and tea. We finish dinner, we make more coffee and tea. Before we even start a movie we make coffee and tea. Our coffee and tea addiction is so prominent that it was even mentioned during our wedding ceremony.

So as I am going Google search crazy trying to find cost effective ideas for our decor, a thread on our very own Weddingbee boards pops up with this image (thanks to mamasita2004).

Oh yea my friends, those are coffee beans. The root of Mr. Meerkat's addiction. So of course this image sent me out to do a Google image search for coffee bean centerpieces and did I ever strike inspiration gold.

But I found one example that stood out above all the rest.

Serious swooning is going on over here. The lovely blogger who made these even did a price breakdown and each table only cost her $18 (minus the coffee beans which she got as a gift). 

My only worry now is how to find some cheap, bulk coffee beans because let me tell you now that I have this idea I am totally going to play up the coffee beans everywhere. What do you think? Cost effective and classy or completely lame?

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