Feb 24, 2011

Invitation Design Finished!

Well... pretty close to finished. :-P

I still need to add a lot of text and the photos need a bit of work but it's now a whole lot better than the kludge fest of an initial draft I made last week.

It was really everyones suggestions, along with a couple emails back and forth with our resident graphic designer, Miss Giraffe, that helped to get us to this final design. Giraffe gets total credit for the entire design on the first and last pages because I couldn't have come up with that awesomeness on my own.

I also finished the postcard RSVP that we will send with the invitation:

I am going to add one of the wedding photos from the invitation as the front of the postcard. So what do you think? Big improvement? Any changes I need to make or wording that needs to be tweeked?

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