Feb 16, 2011

What Would I Do Again?

I know what your thinking, is Meerkat ever going to write her recaps?! I promise they are coming soon. I have seen the proofs and now we are just waiting for the disc of images.

While I am waiting for the disc, I thought I might preface our recaps with some of the things that went well at our wedding. I spent a lot of time questioning everything from having a small wedding to hiring a DJ. So I am going to share some of the things that I debated about but would definitely do again. I hope that they help anyone else debating these same things. :-P

#1: Destination Wedding In Mexico
This is the number one thing I would do again. It was paradise. Really, it was. It was like stepping right into the middle of a tropical paradise.

#2: Small & Intimate Wedding
It was amazing having just 21 people with us. Since we have HUGE families I was really worried about missing that atmosphere but it was perfect number of people. Instead of only being able to say hi and bye to each guest we were able to have some quality time with each of them. And with the wedding being mid-week almost all of our guests took the entire week off and came early so we got to spend a couple days before the wedding with them.

#3: Hire a DJ
DO THIS! With a small number of guests we debated about just using an MP3 player. Our family and friends are not really dancing people so it didn't seem like a good investment.  I am so glad now though that we got a DJ because guess what? EVERYONE danced! And I am pretty sure it was because we had our DJ, Bijan, rockin' it out. He not only kept the party going but did it with the rock music we all love. After hearing his selections I know we never could have come close to making the amazing playlist he did. Not to mention being able to read the crowd and adjust the tempo accordingly. Some of my favorite memories are from the reception and happened because of Bijan.

#4: Getting Raw Video Instead of an Edited Version
I questioned this in the beginning but now that I can see the video I am glad we got all of the video not just a highlights/edited version. The day went by in such a blur that I am ecstatic we have all these memories in hard copy. Mr. Meerkat is working on a edited version for our at home reception so I get the best of both worlds.

#5: Spend the Week Before the Wedding Relaxing
The last couple days before we flew out for the wedding we were both so stressed out trying to get the last of the wedding stuff done along with our normal work. When we got to Mexico we were able to spend the few nights just relaxing which let me tell you was one of the smartest things we could have done. By the time the wedding arrived we both felt completely relaxed and it showed!
What things did you debate about but would do over again in heartbeat?

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