Feb 7, 2011

Please Don't Let Me Be Ugly

 So it's time for one of those honesty in blogging moments.

All during our wedding planning one of my biggest fears was that I would be ugly in our wedding photos. No this isn't a tell-Mrs.-Meerkat-she's-not-a-ugo post. This is one of those lets be realistic posts.

When you spend so much time looking at photos of GORGEOUS brides on wedding blogs there is a standard that gets set in the back of your mind. I don't even know when the standard got set for me but now when I look at some of our wedding photos, I think "I don't look like those brides I see on blogs".

The photo on the left is pretty much what I look like any day of the week. That is average ole Meerkat for ya which I am totally cool with. But then I look at the photo on the right. While it still kind of looks like me it's not the image I had in my head of what bride me should look like. I know I am being way harder on myself than I should. As I look through the photos people took they are not all bad. Some of them look amazing. Now that should make me happy right?

My Weddingbee hero, Mrs. Hot Wings, said it best in her post about her gummy smile. Since there is nothing she can do about her smile, she is simply accepting the fact that this is just the way things are. So I am going to take a page from the book of Hot Wings and do the same thing. I am going to let go and just accept that I will not look like some drool worthy bride modeling for a wedding blog. Instead I will simply look like me. And you know what? I think thats enough.

Does anyone else ever feel like this?


  1. awww meerkat! you are glowing in that picture. You look so excited and happy and that's a million times better than any fake, model photo shoot on stylemepretty!

  2. LOL How did you know that was the one blog I was thinking of? ;)

  3. LOL How did you know that was the one blog I was thinking of? ;)