Feb 2, 2011

The True Meaning Of A Gift

At some point in your lives your going to be a wedding guest. It's basically enviable. And the WORST part (at least for me) is trying to find the perfect gift, especially back when I was just out of college and broke as hell. So I thought it was time to look at this whole wedding gift thing from a newly wed's perspective.

When I give a gift I am always worried if I spent enough or if the gift will even get used. But you know what? The cost of the gifts we got never played into if we liked them. And we have used every single thing we got. What mattered was someone cared enough to get us a gift (or even just a card). I want to show you a couple of things we got that make me smile.

1.) A drawing from a six year old on plane
Cousin S. sat next to a six year old girl on the flight to Mexico. When this little girl found out we were getting married she drew us a picture with sponge bob and told Cousin S. that was her wedding gift to us. How could I not treasure our very first wedding present?

See there's sponge bob in the pineapple.

2.) Antique Mexican Nativity Scene

Mr. Meerkats Grandmother gave us one of the sweetest gifts ever (even though her husband told her it was ugly as sin and no one would want it). It is a nativity scene that Mr. Meerkats uncle had brought back from Mexico decades ago for her. It is very special to Mr. Meerkat's Grandmother as it was the last thing her brother gave her before he passed away. The little nativity scene has so much history and love associated with it I don't know how anyone couldn't fall in love with it. We are keeping it out year around in our curio cabinet.

3.) Six pack of beer and a bottle of wine
A co-worker of mine was sweet enough to watch our house and cats while we were gone. We came home to find he had gotten us a six pack of beer and a bottle of wine to celebrate our first day back home as husband and wife.

4.) Handmade ornament & egg nog
Remember my friend Jax? When we got home we found she had mailed us an ornament with our wedding monogram on it for our first Christmas. Not to mention she also included the recipe and all the ingredients for Puerto Rican egg nog so that we could celebrate our first Christmas in style. Totally nom-nom-nom!

See what I mean. Each of these things were so amazingly thoughtful that they mean the world to us. So next time your out shopping for a gift keep in mind that great gifts some in all shapes, sizes and denominations.

Now I have to ask, have you received (or given) any gifts that were extra thoughtful that make you tear up?

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