Mar 20, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: Time To Put The Dress On


While Stacey the Hair Fairy was finishing up with my makeup, Sol took the opportunity to snap a few photos of my dress hanging out on the patio. Let me just say for the millionth time how much I love my dress. It was WAY more than I was hoping to spend but worth every, single penny.

Finally the moment came to put my dress on. Sister-In-Law Meerkat shut the door and gave me the thumbs up that I could start stripping out of my clothes.

After I stripped down, Mama-In-Law Meerkat helped me get into my dress and lace it up.

Then we called in Mama Meerkat who had been resting her poor blistered feet up on the end table in the other room.

As you can tell by her face she was happily surprised. To be honest I think she was mostly surprised that I was actually wearing a dress. *grin*

Next it was time for Sister-In-Law Meerkat to help me get my jewelry and shoes on.

Now that we were all dressed and ready, Sol took some quick portraits of me in the bedroom.

I just love the way my bright orange shoes peaked out from under my dress.

And just for Mama-In-Law Meerkat I will show you her favorite photo of me. She says that is shows the pure joy she saw in my face that day.

Del Sol Photography

Then it was time to head outside for some photos with my girls. So I put my "I'm the boss" hat back on and let everyone know what to do next.

Sister-In-Law Meerkat was the one who I gave the most important instructions to. See that box in her hands? It was a special surprise I got for Mr. Meerkat. Her job was to make sure he got it before the ceremony.  Don't worry I will show you what is in there....eventually. :P

Up Next: The Guys Get Dressed

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