Mar 7, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: Let The Recaps Begin!


I interrupt our at home reception planning to bring you our wedding recaps! :-P

Wow, where do I even being trying to put everything into words. I guess I should really start with the morning we arrived in Mexico. After a long flight into cancun and another hour and half long drive south to the resort I almost couldn't contain my excited squeel as I saw the highway signs pointing us to the Grand Palladium.

As the road twisted around through the HUGE property we came to the adult only Royal section entrance.

We walked into the lobby and were greeted with a drink and lots of holas from the reception staff. I wish I would have gotten a photo of everyone as they treated us so great while we were there. I am not going to lie, they spoiled us rotten.

After going through check-in and stopping to grab a quick bite for lunch we headed to our room. Well technically it was a cabana:

I totally failed at getting photos of the room itself (you'll be able to see it in the getting ready photos though) but I did get photos of the terrace on the backside of the cabana since we spent a lot of time out there.

There was even a little river that went around the backside of the cabanas and a canoe at each room you could use to travel around the property with.

The first thing we did after getting settled was of course showering but then it was off to explore the resort just like any good newbie.

We quickly came across the adult only pool at the royal section which had its own bar with premium booze and our very own waiter. Fan-freakin-tastic!

As we left the royal only section we came to one of the three main lobbies. This is the Riviera/White Sands section lobby. In the evening most of the activities happened here and not to mention they house all but one of the 14 places to eat.

As we worked our back towards the beach we came across the Riviera pool. This photos is just a small portion of this huge pool. This is just one of two enormous pools on the resort.

And about 10 minutes of walking later we finally came to the beach.

While we were checking out the adult only section of the beach and finding ourselves a drink and a hammock:

Sister-In-Law Meerkat happened to stumble across a wedding in progress at the resort:

After a relaxing afternoon we headed back to our room and got dressed for dinner. Of course I had to grab that one last photo of the day while Mr. Meerkat had to document it.

That's pretty much how our first day went. We ate some good food, had a couple drinks and in general just enjoyed being out of the snowy Michigan weather. It was nice to be able to simply just relax.

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