Mar 27, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: Just A Few Pictures


After Diego, our videographer, verified that the guys had already headed up to the lobby, Sol and I headed over to my cabana to get some photos while the girls gathered up our stuff.

I just love that picture. As Sol was finishing up with the last couple solo pictures of me, my girls came along with all our paraphernalia.

When Sol asked about the "purses" I made them, Bridesmaid K and Sister-In-Law Meerkat happily showed them off. I wasn't sure they would be into my mini suitcase idea but it turns out they really loved them.

Del Sol Photography

Next it was time to get some portraits done. I love that Sol thought to grab a photo of our moms with us three girls. This is by far one of my favorite photos.

And of course we got some photos with my girls. I can't go 10 minutes without cracking jokes so I was caught my in one of my HUGE laughs.

And Sol even got a shot of the parasols I hand painted with our wedding date on them.

Of course we got one of many photos where my girls are laughing and talking with each other. :P

Then Sol had my girls go up on the bridge by our room and stand together for some photos.

Which turned into fits of laugher as Sol kept saying to get closer to each other.

Next it was my turn to go up on the bridge. As I was standing there, Jorge, the resorts segway tours guide, came through with one of his tour groups.

It was really sweet that as each of the guests past they told us congratulations.

Once they were out of sight Sol told me to pick up my dress and spin with it. At first I was like "say wha?".

But it didn't take me long to get into it.

Yea I was having a ton of fun twirling my dress around but all too quickly it was time to head to the lobby to catch our transportation to Al Cielo for the ceremony.

Up Next: Get Me To The Beach!

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