Mar 22, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: The Guys Get Ready


Let me start out this post with a disclaimer. The story below is my interpretation of what happened while the guys got ready. I have gotten snippets of the story from the guys but when I asked Mr. Meerkat to add in some thoughts he said "I was hungry but really excited and happy".  Gotta love a man of few words.

So here goes nothing. While all us girls were in Sister-In-Law Meerkat's room getting ready, Mr. Meerkat and the guys were getting ready over in our cabana.

Mr. Meerkat got his shirt and pants on while he waited for the guys to arrive.

Del Sol Photography

As Mr. Meerkat was starting to put his tie on, Best Man Meerkat came a knockin'.

And so they were able to get ready together.

Mr. Meerkat looking so handsome in his vest and tie.

Then after a quick stop to drop off something to Mama-In-Law Meerkat, Father-In-Law Meerkat joined the guys.

Del Sol Photography

Father-In-Law Meerkat said that Mr. Meerkat's and Best Man Meerkat's ties had too stubby a knot and that he was going to show them how to tie a tie correctly.

Del Sol Photography

After Father-In-Law Meerkat got his tie tied, he went to work on getting Mr. Meerkat's up to his tie tying standards.

Now that everyone's tie was up to Father-In-Law Meerkat's standards, on went the suspenders and suit coats.

Del Sol Photography

Luckily, Mr. Meerkat remembered what Yazmin, our wedding coordinator, told us and took a minute to tie our rings together with a piece of ribbon. Why tie them together? If you drop them on the beach accidently, it is much easier to find when tied together. 

Del Sol Photography

Jonathan was then able to get a couple pictures in before the guys had to head to the lobby to meet our guests and catch the van to Al Cielo, our ceremony site.

This one was taken outside on our cabana's deck. I am wondering if this is Mr. Meerkat's "I'm hungry" face? :P

And with that the guys headed off to the lobby. Jonathan manged to grab one final photo of them together before going meet our guests and take them to Al Cielo.

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