Mar 15, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: A Dress Fiasco and Rehersal Dinner


The day before the wedding started off so pleasantly. I lounged around in our hammock for a couple hours reading my kindle followed by a long leisurely shower in our outdoor Mayan shower. It sounds weird but something about showering with a light breeze and the sun shining down on you just makes you feel like life doesn't get any better.

After a late lunch with Mr. Meerkat, I headed off to the spa solo for a little pampering time. As I rounded the path I saw this.

Breath taking right? I spent the next hour and a half getting a manicure and pedicure. By the time I walked out of there I was one relaxed bride to be. 

So I headed over to Sister-In-Law Meerkat's room to check and make sure everyone knew where to meet for the rehearsal. What I saw when the door opened would have probably made most brides panic. There was Mr. Meerkat's grandmother, Nonni Meerkat, sewing bridesmaids K's skirt. Sister-In-Law Meerkat tried to quickly usher me out of the room but I had already seen what was going on. What I found out was that both of the girls dresses were more than a size too big. That's what happens when your seamstress gets sick and can't work on the dresses until the last minute. Luckily Nonni Meerkat carried a sewing kit with her and had been working on the dresses for the last couple hours while I was getting pampered in the spa. So what I was seeing were the last few stitches going in. 

While the dress situation turned out well, it left my girls a bit stressed out so they went to lay by the pool and unwind. After a couple hours of rest, the girls looked more relaxed and we were able to start to rounding everyone up and head off for a quick rehearsal at the beach.

In all honestly there isn't much to tell about the rehearsal itself. We got in order, everyone walked twice up and down the aisle and we called it good. 

Then it was on to my favorite part of the day, dinner! We held our rehearsal dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant at the resort. Of course we got a few random pre-dinner photos.

Now did I remember to take photos of the Duck A L'Orange, Veal Salad or the Seafood Creme Soup? No, I was to busy scarfing them down to remember to take a photo but I did stop to take a picture of the creme brulee before I tore into it.

After dinner we gave our bridal party thier gifts. Each of the groomsmen got a couple bottles of liquor from Mexico (there were really excited about these), our moms got custom necklaces with our families birthstones, and my girls got their Pandora style bracelets and leather makeup cases. Everyone loved their gifts and our moms even cried. It was a great night filled with excitement and anticipation.

Up Next: It's Wedding Time!!!

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