Nov 8, 2010

World of Tech: Uber To-Do List

I may have kept this a secret until now but I am super anal-retentive organised when it comes to this wedding. I am not sure I could function from 3k miles away otherwise. So one of the first things I did was put my uber techy geek skills to work and leveraged excel to help make my planning easier. I created a to-do list with auto calculating dates and automatic color coded tasks:

The dates in row 6 at the top auto calculate for me based off the date listed in cell A5 (an no that isn't our wedding date, just an example).  Also the blue color coding of each unfinished task is automated based off the fact if a item is marked as complete with a little diamond. I did this so that those things that needed to be done would really stand out. I also used a either a red or black diamond to denote if I was late finishing it or was on time. This should help me to see how off my estimates were and tweak how I do this for our at home reception.

But I didn't stop there. Probably 1/4 of the things on our to-do list were items that were DIY and I had to make sure I was getting things done or I was at least delegating out the task. So I opened another tab in the excel sheet and did a quick DIY version of the to-do list. 

I split each item into the design portion and the actual construction portion. A lot of the time I would design something, leave it for a few weeks and then go back to make sure I still liked the design. There you have it. That is how I keep my life organized from 3k mile away. 

And now to spread the love! If you want a copy to edit for yourself you can download it here:  Uber To-Do List

What tools are you using to keep tasks organized and on schedule?

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