Nov 7, 2010

Trash the dress (TTD) in a cenote

When I first heard the words trash the dress I have to admit I was shocked at the concept. I mean the first though in my mind wasn't 'hey I just payed the cost of our house payment for my dress so why not trash it!'.  But like any good open minded bride I had to know what this trash the dress thing was all about. I used my google-fu and soon found some amazing images at What I quickly found out was that trash the dress didn’t actually mean to trash it (well most of the time). It really is about a relaxed environment to get photos taken in your wedding attire. As soon as I saw an example of a cenote TTD I knew that was it. I HAD to do it. It was one of those things I knew I would regret not doing. 

What's a cenote you ask? In very basic terms its a fresh water sink hole. Sounds glamorous I know but just look at how beautiful they are:

Of course I was sold on having a trash the dress session almost instantly. What I thought for sure was going to stop me was Mr. Traditional (aka Mr. Meerkat). I was so sure that he was going to think it was another one of my crazy ideas. To my surprise, he was on board the moment he saw some of the images. I think he might actually be more excited about the TTD session than I am (but just barely). We both quickly agreed we loved the water shots and rugged terrain shots and that a cenote TTD was the way we wanted to go. *happy dance*

Once again the Meerkat luck kicked in at just the right time. We happen to be looking to book a TTD at the same time that our photographer, Del Sol, was starting a sister company called La Luna Photography. I will save you having to read all the boring details. In the end we booked a package with an amazing photographer from La Luna, Rachel, that also included full video coverage of our TTD by Playa Weddings.

I know your dying to see an example so here is a video of a TTD that Playa Weddings shot in a variety of locations.

Stephanie and Michael TTD from PlayaWeddings on Vimeo.

I can't even begin to put into words how excited I am about this! Have you thought about doing a TTD shoot? Where are you doing yours at?

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