Nov 17, 2010

Mr. Meerkat Gets A Wedding Band

For the last few months we have been wrestling with trying to get a wedding band made for me. While that's  a story for a whole other post, lets just say it has been painful. So when it came to Mr. Meerkat's ring my first thought was "please, no, not another jewelry store". We only have a little less than a month until we get married and it was high time we went to get Mr. Meerkat his ring. So this past weekend that is exactly what we did. 

Luckily Mr. Meerkat already knew basically what he wanted. He wanted a light weight, scratch resistant ring. He wanted a tungsten ring. I thought it was going to be hard to find but was pleasantly surprised that every jewelry store in our local mall carried tungsten rings made by either Art Carved or Triton.

We shopped for less than 1/2 an hour and Mr. Meerkat found four rings he liked:

The first two photos were Art Carved rings and the last two were from Triton. 

The rings were all about the same price but the first two were having 20% and 30% off sales. I was sure that Mr. Meerkat would go for one of the ones on sale cause he is money conscious like that but he didn't. He narrowed it down to the ones in the last picture. 

We stood there for about five minutes until he decided he wanted the silver one. When I asked him how he decided he said while he really liked them both but the black one didn't match his other jewelry like his watch. I just laughed and thought how much I love this man. I never would have thought that far ahead but he does.

Seriously, how is it so easy for guys to pick out their rings but its taken me months of problem to get mine? Was it this easy for your fiancé to find his ring or is Mr. Meerkat just easy? *grin*

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