Nov 3, 2010

Hair Therapy for Thin, Limp Hair

When Mr. Meerkat and I moved into our house and started to use city water, I noticed a change in my hair. My hair was always baby fine but it was usually soft and healthy looking. After we moved into our house my hair started to look dull and limp.

At first I thought it was a build up of chemicals from drug store type shampoos and conditioners. So I went on the hunt for silicone and sulfate free products since they don't weigh hair down. I started out trying organic products like Avalon clarifying. The shampoo worked well but the conditioner left a wax like coating on my hair that really didn't help the problem.

Next I tried Renpure products. They worked really well for the first few times but soon caused a buildup like the Avalon shampoo.

It took me a little while to figure out that the real problem was the minerals in our water. So I gave Neutrogena anti-reside shampoo a try.

And it worked like a champ!! The directions said you could substitute this instead of your usual shampoo and conditioner once a week but my hair stylist told me I could use it up to every other day if I used a good conditioner with it. I have been doing it once to twice a week with L'oreal Everpure conditioner and my hair is back to what it was before we moved. (The key to using the condition is to only put it on the part of your hair that would stick out the back of a pony tail, not near your scalp.)

Now that my hair was back to its normal, soft self I needed to give it a bit of volume. I tried some different mouses from Garnier and L'oreal but it once again was weighing my hair down so I spent an extra couple dollars and gave Thermal Volume by Nexxus a try. Totally worth the extra money. Gave me great volume yet left my hair soft and clean looking.

Thanks to Mrs. Hot Wing I now know to hold my head upside down while drying and if I need a little extra umph do a little hairspray on the underside. 

Anyone else run into thin, limp hair? What product are you using to combat it?

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