Nov 15, 2010

Planning A "Wicked" Bachelorette Party

I in no way, shape or form am a party girl. On a typical Friday night you can find us Meerkats at dinner with friends and then out to a movie. We like the simple life. And that simple life doesn't involve what most people would do for a "typical" bachelorette party. I want nothing to do with bars, strippers or penis shaped cakes.

Sorry MOH Meerkat. I know you were hoping for an all out flash-back-to-the-college-years style debacle but I want to do something I will be able to remember the next morning.

Sister Meerkat started off the brain storming process to find alternatives to the traditional party. Her first thought was to get dressed up all sex in the city style and head out to one of the local casinos.

I think that idea lasted about three weeks until it was replaced by the idea to hop the train and head into Chicago for the day. Only problem was that we would only be in Chicago from 11am - 5pm and we couldn't come up with a single thing that we could do in that time frame as a group other than eat and shop. Which is fine but I don't know, something was missing.

Now during all this we found out that the musical Wicked was coming to Kalamazoo.

ZOMG, ZOMG, ZOMG! Mr. Meerkat and I have been DYING to see this but the tickets were ranging from $65-$150 each. Neither one of us felt right about spending that much with the wedding so close. Then I started thinking what if instead of buying a train ticket to Chicago we got tickets to see Wicked? When I proposed the idea to everyone I got a resounding "we have been dying to see that too!"

Everyone loved the idea so now are going to get all dressed up, go out to an awesome dinner just us girls in downtown Kalamazoo and then meet up with our guys to go see Wicked. Done and done! While it felt kind of odd suggesting the idea for my own party I am really glad I did.

I am dying to know if I am the only one out there who isn't into the whole bar/stripper/penis cake scene? What did you end up doing for your party?

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