Nov 2, 2010

Bracelets for Everyone!


So remember back when I was debating if I should start a Pandora bracelet to wear for the wedding? Not to mention trying to find gifts to give my girls? After much thought I am going to do bangle Pandora style bracelets for all of us. (By the way, thanks Ms. Anemone for pointing out in my accessory post that the normal Pandora chain style was a bit too matchy-matchy and I needed some contrast. You were totally right!)

I found these bangle bracelets at Blue Grass Beads on Etsy:

I LOVE THIS! I had originally wanted a bangle style bracelet so this is a win-win for me. My plan is to create something very similar to these but with the large glass beads in our colors; pinks for my girls and oranges (or maybe browns) for me.

Here are some of the beads I have found on Etsy that I am thinking about using. By the way, these are MUCH lower in cost than the name brand Pandora beads.

I found these spacers just like the ones from my inspiration picture:

Think this is dressy enough for our rustic-chic wedding?

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