Nov 4, 2010

Boobs, Bustles and Crinoline

This past weekend we had our very first dress fitting with Mama-In-Law Meerkat's friend L. who is an amazing seamstress!

First thing Seamstress L. did was take a look at the pattern we got for the bridesmaids dresses and the material we brought. Truthfully I was biting my nails with worry that I had got the wrong stuff but she said what we picked was perfect and the pattern was very simple. (Yay score one for the Meerkats!)

Ten minutes later both Sister-In-Law Meerkat and Bridesmaids K were finished being measured and it was time to work on my dress.

There was really only three things I needed to have added to it; some boobs, a bustle and crinoline. I got really lucky because I didn't have to have anything let out or taken in. Plus the petite cut we bought was just the right length for my short little body so no hemming. YAY!

First thing was first. I needed to have a set of boobs installed into the dress. My tiny little set just wasn't filling out the dress very well. Don't worry I didn't go all crazy or anything with the cups. We added in my normal size and it gave it just a little extra to finish filling the dress out:

Seamstress L. even had me bend over to make sure there was nothing showing or falling out.

I also asked Seamstress L. to add a bustle to the dress. She is going to put one hook in and if the material is too heavy then she will add two more on the sides of the first to help hold it better:

The last thing I wanted was to make the bottom of the skirt fuller. I had tried on a mermaid slip at Davids Bridal but it didn't fill it out enough. What I really wanted was more like this:

I love how the model's dress  looks full at the bottom but still sleek on the top and middle of the skirt. So Seamstress L. told us the secret the designers use. They add a triple thick layer of crinoline to the bottom eight inches of the slip. So that is what she is going to do for me. We have a follow up appointment at the end of the month so hopefully all my alterations will be done and I can take my dress home!

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