Nov 22, 2010

Non-Traditional Gifts For Our Moms

Gifts for our moms were probably one of the things with we struggled with the most. We are so lucky to have such amazing and supportive parents that we wanted to give them something more than the traditional silver picture frame.

We brainstormed long and hard but I think we have come up with a couple really unique and beautiful gifts that will hopefully mean a lot to them. First thing we had made for each of them is a custom handkerchief. Bon Fete on Etsy screen printed these for us with our monogram and a custom saying:

My hope is that these are something they can use but that will also turn into a keepsake of the wedding.

The second thing we decided to do was replace the standard flower corsage with something they could take home with them.

This is actually a large necklace charm that you can customize with up to 9 birthstones. I plan to remove the charms from the chain and create some kind of pin (still working on that part) so they can wear it like a corsage on their dresses. Each of the charms I ordered have birthstone personalize to each family along with either I or Mr. Meerkat's birthstone added to it. On the plate that sits behind it I had engraved "Our Family".

The charms were a little more than twice the price of what we would have paid for corsages but I really think the investment was worth it. Of course I will place the chain in the box so they can wear it as a necklace too if they prefer.

The final thing we are doing for our mom are photo books of our wedding. Every mom loves a brag book so I am going to make two custom albums on Adorampix for them after the wedding.

So are we the only couple that went against tradition and got something other than a silver frame for our moms?

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