Nov 18, 2010

I hate mugshots!


No not those kind of mugshots. I am talking the "traditional" family photos taken at weddings. You know the ones where everyone is standing shoulder to shoulder like they are in a police line up.

To me that feels like a mugshot. I know, I know. Moms love this stuff but they are just not us! I already have a ton of these kind of photos from various family get togethers. What I want is creative, fun photos of our family and bridal party.

These are way more our style. It looks less forced and like everyone is having a ton more fun. 

After I had mentioned this idea to a few people I got horrified looks like I was committing some kind of crime against nature. Is it really that wrong to not want the traditional? Everyone keeps telling me I will regret not having formal, posed photos. I'm just not convinced I will.

Has anyone else thought about bailing on the traditional photos? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this!

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