Nov 1, 2010

Vintage Postcard Menus

I got inspired by Miss Ostrich's vintage postcards and decided I too must have a vintage postcard in my wedding. The only question was how. Then as I was revising our menu design for the fourth time (yep I really did change my mind that often) I thought why not turn them into vintage postcards.... So I did!

Here is the back side that will face towards the center of the table:

It has our wedding quote/saying written across the top ("The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step") and three of our engagement photos that I faded to give a vintage feel to in Photoshop.

So how did I make these? You are going to LOL at me because its so simple!

First step was to find a high resolution (300 dpi) image/graphic of time worn paper. In all honesty I Googled 'Photoshop textures worn paper' and used one of them as a background. I am pretty sure I used one of the ones from here but after going through tons of sites I can't really remember. Sorry ladies, fail blogger bride strikes again.

After that I simply typed up the information. The cursive font is Dear Joe 4, the menu heading is Algerian and the to/from font is Eccentric Std. The stamp image in the upper right hand corner was just a set of free Photoshop postage stamp brushes but you can even use a dingbat font like this if you don't use Photoshop.

The backside of the menu was a little more work. I used the same time worn paper for the background here also and then changed the contrast of the photos until they had a worn/faded look to them. Then over the top of the photos put another copy of the time worn photo and make it almost see through (in Microsoft Word its called watermarking). And thats it!

Told ya it was so easy you were going to LOL at me. *grin*

I still need to make some nice stands for them to sit on. Jax suggested using clay which I think I might give a shot this weekend.

Can I ask if you used a stand for your menu? What did you make it from?

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