Nov 28, 2010

Some thoughts on PWD

A little while ago I read this article from The Guardian talking about post wedding depression. It really got me thinking. Was something like this going to affect me?

For some of us a wedding is like a amusement park with one AMAZING roller coaster and nothing else. No really it is! You wait in line, the whole time anticipating whats to come. Then you finally get on the ride and this huge excitement builds as you climb that first hill. Finally you get to go down the hill it is so amazing its hard to describe in words. You finish out the rest of the short ride loving every minute of it. But then the ride is over and what do you do next? 

I know thats kind of a grim analogy but really for a lot of people this is exactly how it feels. And to be honest I can totally relate. When your life is consumed by something, other things get pushed aside until there is nothing left but that one all consuming thing. 

And I have to admit at first I almost let myself do this. I can't tell you the number of Friday nights I wanted to bail on Mr. Meerkat and our friends for our usual dinner and a movie get together. I even considered not coaching my robotics team this fall because it would be so much to do close to the wedding. Thankfully I never gave up either. I tried to keep my life balanced with some things wedding but also with things that I love outside of weddings. 

Up until last weekend I thought I had failed at accomplishing that balance. What happened last weekend? The kids robotics team I coach attended their regional competition. They didn't advance to the next tournament so our season is officially over. And you know what? I am bummed! What should have been relief that I could now focus on the wedding actually came as a bit of sadness. Now all I want to do is start getting ready for next years competition. I have 10 million ideas floating around in my head for robotics and none for the wedding. 

Don't get my wrong I am so excited to get married but all those little details that seemed UBER important when we got engaged seem small now in the overall scope of things. These last few little projects I don't have done just aren't important enough to be at the top of my priority list anymore. Does this mean I have found that balance? I would love to know how you are trying to combat PWD?

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