May 25, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: Grand Entrance


By the time we arrived back at the resort it was already dark but it didn't matter to me because the resort looked so beautiful all lit up.

We all made our way back towards the La Laguna terrace. As we came around the corner here is what we saw:

It was beautiful and romantic. It was everything a bride could want. We even got the thumbs up approval from Kari the Hair Fairy.

My friend Big E., whom I have known since I was six years old, escorted my mom to the table.

Big E. has been like a brother to me so having this photo of them laughing together just gives me the warm fuzzies.

While Mama-In-Law Meerkat and Nonnie Meerkat took a chance to look through their photos.

Nannu Meerkat went around checking out the decor on the tables.

I think what he was probably looking for was the menu. :P

I guess as long as we are talking decor, I should probably take the opportunity to show you the rest of the table goodies. To the tables we added deep pink gladiolus in tall cylindrical vases intermixed with the lanterns in the above picture.

There was also the I-Spy cards I made.

Our meerkat statue that stood in front of Mr. Meerkat and I along with a little sign telling about my adventures in blogging.

And last but not least, my favorite DIY project of them all - the favor boxes / place cards.

Each person had a box addressed to them sitting on the charger at their seat.

I was really surprised how much everyone loved them. They kept telling us how they were looking forward to hanging the little hand painted ornament on their Christmas trees when they got home.

Besides some sand colored table runners that was pretty much the only things we added. The terrace was already beautiful and I think anything more would have simply made it look cluttered.

Anyways, where was I again? Oh yes, I was getting ready to tell you about our grand, but totally unplanned, entrance. Totally unplanned as in it wasn't until we were getting ready to walk onto the terrace that Mr. Meerkat decided he really did want to be formally announced after all. So while all of our guests were getting comfortable, I let our DJ, Bijan, know that we had a last minute change of plans.

Bijan quickly cued up James Taylor's How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) and we made our entrance with all the Meerkat style we could muster.

Mr. Meerkat threw me for a loop when all of a sudden he stopped and bowed.

Yep that's my man, always hamming it up for the crowd. We quickly took our seat and placed our order for some yummy, girly drinks.

When the resorts coordinator gave us the signal that they were ready to start serving dinner, Mr. Meerkat and I went up to the front to say a quick thanks to our guests.

Went I got to the front of the terrace and turned around, I quickly discovered that I had lost Mr. Meerkat along the way. He was talking to one of our guests so I started waving him up to the front. 

When Mr. Meerkat finally made it up to where I was, he got the honor of being the one to start our speech.

I will spare you from having to read our entire speech. Instead let me share with you the best part. It was when in the middle of the speech Mr. Meerkat said:
We just wanted to thank everyone for coming and for all the help and support you gave to us. We love all of you. I know I can be cranky but I do actually like all of you guys.

Which everyone thought was hysterical because Mr. Meerkat is a stereotypical old man. You know the kind that yells "get off my lawn you whipper snappers". He has always been an old man in a young body and we love him for it.

We finished up the speech with lots of thank yous and then took our seats so that dinner could begin.

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