Jun 6, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: Dinner and Toasts (Part 1)


Once we had made our grand entrance it was time to start our dinner and toasts. 

During each course of the meal, a member of our bridal party gave a toast (ala Mrs. Pug). I really loved how the speeches were spaced out. Not only did it help to break up each course, it gave us some time to really take in what had been said before the next speech started. 

After our first course was served (spinach salad with citrus and mandarin dressing) and everyone had started to dig in, Best Man Meerkat took the opportunity to give his much anticipated (by me at least) speech. He had spent the last two years telling me that he was going to give a classic "best buddy, drunken style speech". While I was 99% sure he was teasing, I was more than a little curious about what he actually was going to say.

I have known Chris's family a while now and I have to say there are exceptional people even if they are Western alumni. But seriously Chris is a great guy. He is one of the most dependable people I know. He is the kind of guy that will help you out when your in a pinch. He has helped me out a lot and I am grateful for that.

We got into a bit of trouble in our childhood but when we went off to separate colleges I was interested to see how each of us would define ourselves. And when Chris returned with Carla, at first I was a little skeptical but once I got to know Carla all my concerns were put to rest. She was intelligent, compassionate and had a great sense of humor and was just an overall great compliment to a vagabond such as Chris.

There isn't enough I can say about these great people and I think their parents should be especially proud. You can see their same qualities in Chris and Carla. I would like to suggest a toast to Chris and Carla and their families. May each moment be better than the last. 
I can't tell you what hearing those words meant to me. I guess you would call it that final approval from one of Mr. Meerkats oldest friends.

After the dishes from our first course had been cleared, our second course, a seafood penrod creme soup, was brought out.

And Sister-In-Law Meerkat, went up to give her speech.

I remember the very first time Christopher introduced us to Carla. After having dinner with them, I got into the car and said to my parents "friends by butt". From day one you could tell they were perfect for each other and now after spending five years together you can tell they are truly in love.
This was when Sister-In-Law Meerkat got a little choked up. She was doing everything she could to hold back her tears.

Christopher, you are my big brother and my best friend.  I can't believe you are already married. It feels like just yesterday I was in preschool and you were helping me with my lunch. I am so happy that you have found that special person to spend the rest of your life with.

And Carla you are the sister I never had. It means so much to me to have a sister I can hang out with and confide in. I always felt my brother deserved the best and he found that in you. I wish the best to you both and a lifetime of happiness. I love you both and welcome to the family.
I have one amazing Sister-In-Law. Her speech was so heart felt I don't think she got half way through it before I started crying.

When she got back to the table I gave her the biggest hug I could. Even after we sat down we were both still wiping away tears. 

Of course Sol got a smile out of Sister-In-Law Meerkat as soon she saw the camera.

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