Jun 8, 2011

Journey Of A Thousand Miles: Let's Smash Some Cake!


Ahhh, yes the cake cutting. The time honored traditional of feeding each other wedding cake and/or smashing it into your spouses face. Now wait before you judge Mr. Meerkat to harshly, I have to confess that I am the one who started the spontaneous smashing. Yes, me. Little ole Mrs. Meerkat.

All throughout our wedding planning I said how much I hated when couples smashed cake into each others faces. The meaning of this tradition is for the new husband and wife to perform their first task together and show how they will support each other. Even Mr. Meerkat agreed with me that we wanted something that followed through with the tradition and that didn't involve seeing who could smash the most cake into the other persons face.

So I have no idea what came over me as we were standing there. Until the moment that I smeared Mr. Meerkat's face with frosting I had no idea I was even going to do it. And you know what? I am really happy it happened the way it did. Shocked? I know, me too. I think the best way to explain my change in opinion on this is to show you the events that took place.

First let me show you our cake. It wasn't exactly (or even close) to what we had asked for, but since it was the only thing that didn't come out as planned and it was included with our reception dinner, it really didn't bother me. (Besides it was really yummy!)

The cake cutting started out just like any other. We cut out a slice together.

Got it onto the plate.

And fed each other a simple bite.


And then I instigated the cake smashing.

I may have stuck my finger in the frosting and smeared it onto Mr. Meerkat's cheek.

And then ran like a coward around the front of the cake table to Mama-In-Law Meerkat for protection.

But before I could get to Mama-In-Law Meerkat, Ked intervened and helped Mr. Meerkat have his turn.

While I may have started the cake smashing, Mr. Meerkat certainly finished it.

Horrified yet? I know if I was reading this post, I probably would be. Most of the time when you see photos like this you don't see what happens next. Which is the best part of this whole cake smashing story!

If the tradition is suppose to show how a husband and wife will support each other this couldn't have been a more true reflection of our relationship. Our lives are filled with laughter and fun. That is just who we are. And when the fun dies down and it comes time to help each other, we always do it with a smile on our face.

While our cake "cutting" may not be for everyone, it was perfectly us. Smashed cake and all.

Now that you have heard about my change of heart on cake smashing, I would love to hear your opinion on the topic! Have you and your fiance decided to smash or not smash your cake? 

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